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Feb. 20th, 2010

I think I am out of my head. This is not anywhere I recognize or can understand.
Please answers needed. I keep having visions of Chase as a murderer. I am not finding this at all pleasant.
You better have not drugged my coffee.This place is weird and disturbing.
Okay I am really over worked and sleep deprived to see a place like this.

Apr. 20th, 2009

I miss Walter.

What a way to open an entry up. It is not safe out there. I am staying where I'm safe. So many of those things out there. Or was all wanting to eat me.
The town hates us and I stay hidden.

Misa has not come back. I don't blame her, in between concrete walls and equipment there is not much fun here. Not for a girl who just barely came to America.

House I wonder why he is staying here. He is braver then me. Ironic really,
I feel though at times he treats me like Cuddy. I am not her, I just want to make sure he gets what he needs. He deserves better then always being here.

I certainly am no reason for staying here. I like the walls they make me feel safe. I think i'm losing it, as if I built by own prison. Maybe I need to start writing on the walls before I wake out of this nightmare.

Cameron was here and hiding from the world. I want to head back to what I once knew. I don't know what is preventing me. Just seems like where ever I go Hell follows. If Hell even exists.

My home, my prison not very sweet at all.

i walked with a zombie

Not going to throw around words and languages you cant understand. Phagocytosis why not just say cells eat cells. like this world we're in. dog eat dog in fog. Phagocytosis sound ghey anyway.

I am worried about the dormant illness is in my blood. arent you? you all should be.

what this town do to us?

where is walter?

oh wait someone is at the door. brb-
She decided it was time to speack to House. Hopefully the vampire would not be near by.
She remembered watching the old man die. He refused pain killer and just wanted to seen dying. It still messed with her head. House semed to be the only patient here she really wanted to look after. D'namouth was one she hoped would just become dust.

"House I would like to test your blood, make sure you are not mutating. " She stated.
I am officially freaked. The only thing I got to wear besides my doctor garb is leather wear,
Anyway I went to go to the basement. The walls looked like they were covered in rust and pussy blood.

There was a giant worm down there and things in cages. I am losing my mind I think. How do people get used to this place. The nurse staff is armed. The blond girl carries a machine gun. The Taller blond girl carries the hunting knifes and a hand cannon.

Some consultation I can give on this. Still no explanations of what any of this is.
Cuddy would hate it here, very funny indeed. This im my brain. this is my brain on other dimensions. I am in the twilight zone and I breathed something in one I was doing laundry. Some kind of flower. I'm running tests to see what it is. I am not going down to that basement again.

What was with all the bodies down there as well?

Jul. 19th, 2008

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How familiar are you with zombies?
A zombie is moaning at your door. What do you do?
Your lover got bit. What do you do?
FOX NEWS says to stay in-doors. What do you do?
Weapon of choice...
Forms gang of scavengers . Loots the neighborhood.very_cranky_dr
Plays tough-guy and gets bit within the first waveulfboy
The dumb zombie that walks around in circles.jackshangover
You find them in your basement. Then sex them.the5tharcanum
Gets intestines ripped out and screams like a girlmagistervenenum
Becomes a bible-thumper. Says the lord will end itruesravenblood
Kills more zombies that you could possibly imaginepipsuniverse
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We all got our "unknown" bacteria a little while ago. So far, my lab partner & I have determined that our mystery critter is a HUGE streptobacillus--easily visible under 400x magnification--and that it lacks a capsule, causes litmus milk to remain violet, and is gram-negative.
This is insane. I've never thought this kinda thing's going to happen to my team. Why did you bring us here. To punish us somehow? You don't believe in forgiveness because you're too egoistic to realize that you aren't morally flawless either.


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